Bronze Tablet and My Name Inscribed on a Wall in the Main Library!

Based on my this semester’s GPA, which is again 4.0/4.0, I have maintained 3.98/4.0 Overall GPA, and 4.0/4.0 Major GPA throughout my undergraduate study. According to honors upon graduation provided by UIUC,

Also conferred in spring semester, Bronze Tablet honors the top 3% of graduates from each college. These students receive special recognition and regalia at graduation ceremonies, and their names are inscribed on the tablets in the first-floor corridors of the University Library.

I have won the Bronze Tablet due to the fact that I’m top 3% student in the most competitive college in UIUC, the college of engineering. Also according to common knowledge in my community in the university and newspaper,

University Honors and Bronze Tablet induction are the University’s highest honor for graduating students.

Although I don’t deliberately pursue high GPA during these years because I don’t believe it can fully represent a student’s academic aptitude and passions for research, I feel extremely satisfied as my name will be inscribed on the Bronze Tablet, which hangs on a wall in the Main Library Building, according to my department website. I love leaving marks in my beloved university, and this is the first step for me to leave marks in this world.

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